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Dealing with gas leaks at your home or place of business is a dangerous situation which requires immediate action. So if you can smell even the smallest odour of gas around or inside your house, the first thing you do is isolate the source of gas supply which is your gas meter by turning the isolating valve to the off position.

The gas meter is usually located on the side or in front of your property and looks like a square box with pipes coming in and out of it. Once the gas leak danger has been isolated, call Your Choice Plumbers Melbourne on 1300 852 779 for further assistance.

Gas leaks can occur either via faulty gas appliances or faulty and corroded gas piping mainly caused by its age and overdue replacement period. Gas appliances get upgraded with nearly every renovation or its malfunction approximately every 15 years. On the other hand, gas piping is usually as old as the property itself!

Homeowners never pay attention to its condition as gas piping is usually concealed either in the roof space, walls or under the house and are not visible. Most of plumbing materials used for gas pipework has the maximum manufacturing warranty of 20 years!

So if you have a gas leak ask yourself, how old is the gas piping at your property?

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 How we deal with Gas leaks

Usually when you have a gas leak it’s only coming from one section of a faulty pipe connection or a single gas appliance.

There are two ways we deal with gas leaks:

  1. Gas appliance testing and its connections to main gas supply

Testing your gas appliances and all above ground piping connections for gas leaks is the first step. What we usually find by this testing is that one of the gas appliances has a small gas leak or one of the connections to the appliance has come loose. If the appliance is leaking gas we cap the gas to it so it can’t be used again for safety reasons. If the connection to gas appliance is loose or faulty we would repair it. In either situation, after identifying and repairing the gas leak, we test your whole installation again for any other leaks. Once we are satisfied with our final test we turn your gas back on and issue you with safety certificate of compliance for your peace of mind.

2. Testing the main Gas supply line for gas leaks:

In this test we look at the condition of your gas piping system for corroded sections of pipework and worn out joints causing gas leaks. By locating the faulty section of gas installation we would replace it with a new section of pipe or fitting, test your gas line for any other gas leaks present, if all good we can turn your gas back on and issue you with Safety Certificate of Compliance for your peace of mind.

In other instances where we can’t locate faulty section of pipework due to its inaccessible location we would not have any other choice but to replace your whole gas pipework installation! NOTE: Gas piping installations especially in homes built prior to the 80’s is mainly concealed under the house with little or no access making it very difficult and in most instances impossible to find and repair the gas leak. This option is costly but it’s only done once and you will be worry free for the next 20 plus years.

Feel free to contact our office regarding any gas leak questions you might have, we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call us on 1300 852 779.

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