Dux Hot Water Systems – Same Day Repairs and Replacements

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Dux Hot Water Systems – Same Day Repairs and Replacements

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See our customer reviews on Word of Mouth
See our customer reviews on Word of Mouth
See our customer reviews on Word of Mouth
See our customer reviews on Word of Mouth
See our customer reviews on Word of Mouth
See our customer reviews on Word of Mouth
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Hot water systems are an integral part of every household and problems associated with Dux hot water system such as leaking water and malfunctioning of the thermostat are quite intimidating to deal with. However, you can get rid of all hot water system related problems in just a few minutes by just dialling 1300 852 779. We, at Your Choice Plumbers, serve you with swift hot water repair services for your Dux hot water system. We service Melbourne and all its suburbs. Our plumbers endeavour to offer you an excellent range of plumbing services for maintenance and proper functioning of your Dux hot water system.

Are you troubled because of Inadequate Hot Water Supply from your Dux Hot Water System?

Here are some of the reasons behind inadequate hot water supply from your hot water system:-

  • Deposit of sediments at bottom of hot water system tank
  • Breakdown of the internal parts of your hot water system
  • Your Dux hot water system might be in need of adequate maintenance services from experts
  • It may be due to malfunctioning of pilot light.
  • The Dux hot water system might be demanding a complete replacement.
  • Your Dux hot water system might require a proper supply of gas or electricity for operation.

Our expert team of plumbers boasts expertise in handling your Dux hot water systems efficiently. Our plumbers acquire all sorts of training required for dealing with your hot water system. We are equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced tools for resolving different issues associated with your Dux hot water systems. Our on-time and same day repair and installation services can help you get rid of hot water system related problems instantly.

Dux – Supplying a Wide Range of Hot Water System for Residents of Melbourne

If you are seeking a trusted hot water system brand for replacing your old water heating system, then Dux is a name on which you can rely. Being a part of this industry since 1915, they can assure you for providing the finest hot water system that perfectly suits Australian climatic conditions. They offer top of the line and extremely economical range of hot water systems. They remain align with the latest technology and spend their countless hours and money in developing hot water system which meet the requirement of clients. Their entire focus is towards delivering environment friendly hot waters systems in order to serve you with the ideal water heating solutions.

Why Opt for Dux Hot Water Systems?

  • They deliver highly efficient and reliable hot water systems:-
    Dux serves you with highly efficient and reliable range of hot water systems. Their hot water systems prove to be the most effective and economic water heating systems in Australian households.
  • Their hot water systems prove to be long lasting:-
    Their durable hot water systems save you from repair and replacement costs. They strive hard to deploy hot water system which is robust and just require proper maintenance.
  • They constantly upgrade with technological advancements:-
    Understanding the requirements of their clients, they keep upgrading their systems in accordance with the cutting-edge technological advancements.

Here are a Few Types of Hot Water Systems Offered by Dux:

  • Dux Condensing Continuous Flow:-
    This is the smallest domestic gas hot water system available in the market. With 6.7 energy rating, it proves to be one of the most efficient types of Dux hot water system. Dux condensing continuous flow hot water system guarantees you of providing 24/7 continuous hot water whenever you need it. This energy smart hot water system is ultimate in condensing technology as Dux Condensing Continuous Flow boasts thermal efficient system which captures the additional heat in its secondary heat exchanger.
  • Dux Non-Condensing Continuous Flow:-
    This is a compact unit of the hot water system that can operate on either natural gas or LPG and is available in three sizes, i.e. 17 litres/min, 21litres/min and 26 litres/min. Boasting 6 stars or more than that, this system proves to be highly efficient for usage. It comes with a water temperature controller which is optional and offers you the convenience of pre-setting your desired water temperature as per your requirement for specific areas of your home. This feature possessed by Dux non-condensing continuous flow hot water system is an excellent safety feature that minimizes the hot water scalding risk for elderly, young children or mobility impaired ones. Dux ensures 12-year warranty on heat exchanger and 3 years warranty on labour and parts of its non-condensing continuous flow hot water system.
  • Dux Sunpro Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water System:-
    This type of hot water system comes with a water storage tank of capacity 315 litres which adequately offer hot water for about 2-6 people. Its advanced design allows flexible installation of the hot water system. Unlike continuous flow hot water system, the Dux Sunpro solar gas offers mains pressure hot water i.e. the maximum available water pressure.
  • Dux Sunpro Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water System:-
    If your home is designed in such a way so as to allow solar collectors to be placed on the roof, then the Dux Sunpro may prove to be an ideal option for you. Their split system design makes their installations flexible and convenient, without requiring any roof reinforcements.
  • Dux Airoheat Heat Pump:-
    The Dux Airoheat is an environment-friendly air sourced heat pump hot water system which can save your bucket loads of high energy bills as compared to conventional electric hot water systems. It boasts a capacity of 250 litres which is suitable for providing hot water to a household of 3-5 people. Dux assures you the finest quality of products by offering 5-year warranty on their Airoheat tank, 1-year warranty on their labour and full parts and 2-year warranty on refrigerant components.
  • Dux Prodigy Gas Storage Hot water Systems:-
    Dux provides two options for gas storage hot water systems:-

    • Dux Prodigy 4 gas storage
    • Dux Prodigy 5 gas storage

The range of Dux Prodigy gas storage incorporates patented flue damper design for dramatically reducing any kind of heat loss from the system. You can expect faster recovery rates and mains pressure hot water from a Dux Prodigy gas storage hot water system. It does not require power points which imply that you can have hot water even when there is no power available.

  • Dux Proflo Electric Storage Hot Water System:-
    If you are planning to replace the electric storage hot water system at your place, then the Dux proflo may prove to be an ideal option for you. It possesses plethora of beneficial features including:-

    • Internal or external installation options
    • Polymer base for resisting moisture and damage
    • Wide range of sizes is available that suit water heating requirements of a place.
    • Allows flexible installations as water connections are present on both the sides of a tank.

Dux Hot water System Repair, Replacement and Installation

If you are seeking for top-notch repair, installation and replacement services for your Dux hot water system, then you can call Your Choice Plumbers for availing the finest level of services. We endeavour to serve you with the most cost-effective and efficient services with the assistance of our experienced team of plumbers.

We have achieved a higher level of customer satisfaction by offering a vast array of advantageous services including:-

  • On-time hot water repair and installation services
  • Quality workmanship on our every service
  • Same day and guaranteed plumbing services
  • Precise plumbing solutions at reasonable prices
  • Convenient payment options
We also provide ‘Certegy ezi pay-No Interest Ever Payment Plans!’

Hot water systems are those necessities which can be expensive and dig a deep hole in your pockets. The worries of buying a new hot water system can be scarring and could disrupt your entire monthly budget or your savings upon it.  That’s the reason we offer you with ‘no interest ever payment plans’.

The ‘no interest ever payment plans’ allows you to get the repair, installation or replacement of your hot water system without paying any interest. Because of this, you know exactly how much you will be charged and how much you have to pay as long as you comply to your payment schedule so that you won’t need to pay any interest ever!

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