Are you scared of the loud banging noise coming out on closing the taps or faucet? And you could not predict why it is happening in the very first place? Fret not! Such noises are a common household sight. And the situation is named as the water hammer. Water Hammer is the noise that occurs when too much pressure is created in these pipes, and especially when the valve is closed. As the pipe is closed the banging or the thumping sound starts, making it sensitive for our ears or even frightening at times.

This can be a “common” residential or the commercial issue, or wherever the piping systems are unable to expand. In simpler terms, it is a sight that occurs when a fluid in motion is prevented from moving further. This requires an urgent action as if the problem is left unchecked it could deteriorate the situation causing the pipe to even explode. These are further caused due to incorrect plumbing installations. Or at times, can occur when the faucet is closed, making the water (fluid) to change its direction. The flow of water is stopped; this point is a known to have extremely high pressure. Thus, it leads to the thumping or the pounding noises or even vibrations.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a plumber who offers the services such as water hammer repairs. We at, Your Choice Plumbers, is a renowned and a trusted name when it comes to offering effective plumbing solutions, thus, performs a leak detection routinely check in your homes. The leak detection service further helps to analyze the situation, check for leaks and implement a solution on the spot, thus curbing the situation from getting bigger and annoying. But in any case, the residents of that particular area don’t opt for routinely check services, and then we are even available at your service to cater the emergency requirements of the people.

A minor problem can become a major problem within minutes or hours of negligence, thus, not only it hampers the property around it, but also damages the whole plumbing system, thus, causing havoc. A slight negligence to these can even cause you a lot of un-inevitable problems. Before the problem gets worse or out of your hand, these should be checked and a plumber should be called. As these will only get hard on your pockets but cause a lot of water wastage too.

Therefore, following are the reasons that lead to a water hammer problem-

  1. Faulty valves
  2. Mixer tapes
  3. Dishwashers
  4. Washing machines

These are the main culprit as these have quick shutting of water devices. The rate at which water is stopped is not proportional to the rate at which the water flows. In simpler terms, the water devices are stopped and the fluid which was already in the motion was prevented to come out, leading to its change of direction. The accumulation of fluid at certain point leads to the high pressure in that area, and the rate with which it flows back can further lead to its breakage. Though the different housing has different plumbing systems, these have a common water hammer rectification solution. If you have such issues and need a plumber that caters to such needs, effectively and efficiently, then call us at Your Choice Plumbers helpline numbers. We come in handy with our necessary equipment, offering the finest plumbing solutions at affordable prices. With years of experience in the water hammer repair services, we proudly boast on our effective solutions to repair such a condition without harming your immediate properties. With installing pressure regulating valves, mechanical water arrestors and a lot more, the problem of the water hammer is dealt with utmost care and dedication.