Gas is a primarily used resource for the house chores as it is cheaper than electricity, which makes gas lines crucial part of every household. No matter, whether you have gas lines in your workplace or home, there must be an uninterrupted and safe supply of gas. Proper and uninterrupted supply of gas requires properly installed and maintained gas lines. But, if you continue neglecting maintenance and repair of gas lines, it can become a life-threatening danger as gas leak problems are intended to cause blast anytime. Therefore, it is imperative to take the utmost care during the usage of gas lines and take immediate action if any problems occur in it.

Emergency gas leak problems are quite complex to detect and cannot be handled on your own, hence it is suggested that you must hire qualified emergency plumbers for ensuring complete safety. Your Choice Plumbers is that one name which you must consider while seeking for the supreme plumbing assistance during emergency gas leak Melbourne problems. If you smell even a light gas odour inside your house, the first thing you need to do is isolate the source of gas supply by turning off the valves and the second thing you must call Your Choice Plumbers to deal with your gas leaks emergency. We will come to your help immediately as we provide services in all suburbs of Melbourne.

Here are a few warning signs which show that you need to call our plumbers:

  • Hole in gas line
  • Factory Defect
  • Rust
  • Leaky seals
  • Accident damage
  • Leaking fuel filter
  • Contaminants
  • Overflow

Timely repair and periodic maintenance prevents the untoward incident and ensures the safety of your family. Chances of major gas leaks can also be completely eliminated through periodic gas line inspection. Our plumbers are always ready to assist you with periodic inspection and maintenance of your gas lines. Natural gas is highly inflammable and the major leak of this gas can cause huge damage to life and property. Even the minor leak of gas can be hazardous and may burn a deep hole in your pocket by surging your gas bills. We, at Your Choice Plumbers, keep aligned with the advanced gas plumbing equipment and techniques in the market to deliver second to none gas line inspection and maintenance services.

Here are a few tips to avoid gas leaks:

  • Hire professionals for installation:

Gas lines and devices like a water heater, which involves the use of natural gas, must be installed carefully. Hiring qualified plumbing experts prevent loopholes in the installation process and prevent the chances of gas leaks. Your Choice Plumbers is a company you can rely upon for swift and efficient installation of gas pipelines and devices which operate through gas as we boast highly experienced plumbers for gas fitting and repair services.

  • Use Quality Appliances:

Using quality appliances also prevent the chances of gas leaks. Always prefer purchasing high-quality water heaters, room heaters etc. to eliminate the chances of gas leaks. It is imperative to check the warranty and the quality assurance of devices you are purchasing to avoid gas-related accidents.

  • Signs of a leak:

Look for below mentioned signs of gas leaks around your devices:

  1. The colour of the flame is orange instead of blue.
  2. Burn marks of black or brown colour on appliances.
  3. Condensation on the window panes.
  4. A strange hissing noise coming from gas-fuelled appliances or gas pipelines.

Gas leaks emergency generally occurs due to faulty gas appliances, corroded gas piping due to being aged and overdue replacement period.

In case any of the above signs are visible, CALL 1300 852 779 and you will get expert plumbing assistance within an hour. Our plumbers are able to detect and repair pipeline leaks and faults in your gas-fuelled appliances. In other consequences, if we will be unable in relocating the faulty fragments in pipework due to its inaccessible location, we automatically replace your whole gas pipe work installation.