There are numerous aspects of a construction that always needs to function properly for convenience and comfort of the people. Plumbing is one such aspect. The plumbing system of any construction has to function properly. Better functioning of the plumbing system enables the users to conveniently use the premises. To make the plumbing system adequately working there should be well designed and well built water supply and drainage system. All appliances connected to the water supply and drainage system should always be performing up to the need and expectations

Drainage system is an integral part of the whole plumbing system as proper draining of water from kitchen and washroom is vital to maintain the hygiene at home. Improper functioning of drainage system can cause accumulation of water which may also cause bad odor. Blocked drains can trouble a lot while performing daily tasks of washing, cleaning and bathing. Blocked drainage system cause overflow of water from toilets and sinks which destroys the sanitation of your home.

Following are some signs blocked drain-

  • Decrease in the water pressure
  • Bad odors emitting from the drains
  • Bubble noises from the pipes
  • Slow or no drainage in your basins, sinks, tubes or showers
  • Water level going too high or too low – or fluctuating rapidly or overflowing completely


Sudden drain blockage problems can cause disruption to your lifestyle. Blocking of drains happens because of people’s negligence towards the appropriate use of the system. People often avoid problems in their drainage systems and this makes the problem more severe.

This problem of blockage in drain causes serious troubles if not addressed in initial stages and it is something which gets bigger by the time. As a wise home owner, you should always take preventive measures and professional assistance for such troublesome issues. Following are some measures one can take to avoid blocked drainages-

  • Routinely pour hot water in your drains so the stuck clog gets loosened.
  • Put strainers on the openings of sinks which will catch large and hard particles beforehand.
  • Be ensured that large and hard objects do not get flushed down in toilet.
  • Grease and greenery should always be avoided a as they can block the drain instantly.


In case blocking of drains has become too often and the problem is not resolving despite several preventive attempts then it is advised to call for an expert. Unblocking drain is a task which requires expertise and thus it is better to call plumbers like us, who can deal with such problems. The team at Your Choice Plumbers are trained to repair blocked and clogged drains and thus with our knowledge and experience in this area we can restore your plumbing system in short span of time.

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