Plumbing issues never arrive with a prior notification and often these issues put a halt to your daily routine. People frequently employ DIY methods to resolve suddenly appearing plumbing problems, which many times further enhances the issue and eventually make you pay more for the problem, which could be repaired in pocket-friendly charges. Melbourne, the coastal capital and the most populous city of the south-eastern Australian state of Victoria is quite famous for diverse bars, plazas and restaurants. The city also boasts well-developed plumbing industry to cater for the plumbing issues of its citizens immediately and effectively.


Your Choice Plumber is also a part of this plumbing industry, which works to serve the natives of Melbourne city as well as its suburbs, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We, at Your Choice Plumbers, have the finest, highly skilled and experienced team of an emergency plumber at our behest, who are ready to serve you anytime you need, even during the wee hours of the day.


Plumbing emergencies often incite panic, but you need to keep your cool to minimize the damage caused to your home. The steps mentioned below can aid you in handling a plumbing emergency; however never forget to call an emergency plumber Melbourne during the process to get a long-term solution for the problem. We also recommend you to keep plumber’s phone number on your contact list and have 24/7 plumbing team just a call away.


Here are a few tips to help you get through a plumbing emergency:


  1. Shut off the Water:

In case of a plumbing emergency, turning off the closest water source is the first and the foremost thing which should be done. In case of toilets, this can be done by simply turning the valve behind your commode or at the base. For problems like flooding, you are required to shut off the main valve in your home.


  1. Turn off Gas Supply:

Gas leaks are serious plumbing issues, so even if you smell the smallest of a gas odour inside or around your home, the first thing to do is isolate the source of gas supply. The gas meter typically looks like a square box with pipes coming in and out of it. It is also important to call the emergency plumber as soon as you have isolated the gas supply.


  1. Check your Water Heater:

In case your hot water system in making an irritating sound or delivering ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ water, turn off water heater immediately. This will help in preventing major damage to the water heater. If you have a gas water heater, then turn off the gas supply first, as this reduces the risk of overheating and bursting.


  1. Open Drains and Spigots:

There will be a little amount left in pipes, even after shutting off the main supply. You can move this water away from potential damage areas by turning on spigots that are located outside your home. Furthermore, giving the garden hose a few squirts ensures clearing out water from it also. If you are experiencing clog during this process, then try to open drain with a plunger. Avoid using chemical cleaners in your pipes during an emergency situation as this can make the problem more severe.


  1. If you are not sure, then don’t try to fix things:

Mid-sized leaks and complex plumbing problems can become much worse if you will try to repair it on your own when you are not sure of the right method. If you are finding a problem outside your ability, then it is better to call an emergency plumber. This aid in diagnosing a problem much sooner and also provides long-term relief from the problem.


Your Choice Plumbers is your Plumbing Emergency Partner:

We, at Your Choice Plumbers, work day-in and day-out and we also offer services to those clients who require plumbing assistance outside of business hours, including weekends and holidays. Our team of emergency plumber serves in Melbourne as well as in all its 160 suburbs. We always remain equipped with the right tools and spare parts to provide you swift and effective services and we follow a transparent pricing policy to make sure that hiring us will not dig a hole in your pocket.

Call 1300 852 779 whenever you require an emergency plumber and get the assistance of the experts!