Maybe it’s Sunday morning, and you wake up to find your toilet is leaking, and the dog is finding fun in splashing around in the resulting puddles. Now there’s pawprints to clean up, too. Maybe it’s late on a work night and you’re about to hit the shower before you head off to bed – but there’s no hot water in sight.


No matter the circumstance, calling the professional services of a plumber is likely on your priority list. But where do you even start? How do you know who’s really an ‘expert’ or if they’re just self-proclaimed?


When you’re on the hunt to make a quick decision on who to get on site, it’s important to consider a few factors during the process. In this post, we run you through the most essential factors you need to understand about your chosen 24-hour plumber.


What you need to consider


In essence, you need to know you can trust the services that they’re offering. If they provide 24/7 services, that’s great, but it’s just as important that they can get the job done efficiently, and without the hefty bill attached. Beyond that, there’s some important traits they should carry – here’s our top picks to keep an eye out for.




Local plumbers are your go-to for a reason; you need services anytime, they’re there. However, you’ll need to make sure they cover your property or systems. For example, if you’re a body corporate, property development firm or a commercial site, will they be willing to lend a hand? Some providers are strictly residential or have limited equipment, so make sure they’re there for what you need, when you need it most.




There’s no point in enlisting the help of a professional if they can’t get the job done well, without being dodgy. Cutting corners isn’t an option here. They need to take all proper precautions to ensure your issue is resolved. Beyond that, make sure they’re not known to rip customers off – some quick research online will help you uncover any risks here.




Just as is it’s important to be able to trust your chosen expert, you should also be able to take peace of mind in knowing they’re reliable, too. They should show up when they say they will, do the job thoroughly and carefully and not apply any Band-Aid fixes. Temporary repairs will mean you have to dish out unnecessary fees down the track.


Qualified and licensed


Is your plumber even qualified to do the job? A reputable company (like us) will only offer experts who carry all the right certifications in the field. This will ensure you avoid any risks or unnecessary damage.




What would you think if the handyman rocked up at your doorstep in a t-shirt, trackies and thongs? Your first impression probably wouldn’t be a great one, and neither would it be if they didn’t come equipped with the right tools, either. Make sure your provider is able to show up at a convenient time, is able to clean up after themselves and presents well in general.




Above all, the right person for the task will know how to keep both themselves and you safe during all maintenance work. They’ll also know how to prevent any potential of damage to the property, and be able to replace necessary parts.


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