Plumbing problems not only cause nuisance but also restricts you from performing your day-to-day activities promptly. Blocked drains are some of the most common plumbing issues which are faced by almost every homeowner. It is time-consuming to repair these blocked drains and if the problem is not addressed properly, then it could burn a hole in your pocket. Blocked drains not only cause inconvenience in the household but these swarming with bacteria and odour-inducing drains can also spoil the hygiene of your place. In order to avoid this problem, it is important to understand the factors that cause blockage of drains and how you can prevent this.

Here are main causes of blocked drains and along with that; there are also preventive measures that can avert this problem.

  • Improper Installation:

Improper fitting of sanitary wares is the most common reason behind the blockage of drains. People often employ DIY methods for saving money but installing pipe and fixtures by your own can lead to problems like fractured pipes and incorrect water flow which results in blockage of drains.

This problem can be avoided by hiring professional plumbers who are skilled in efficient installation of pipes and fixtures.

  • Grease and Fat:

Grease and Fat are the frequent reasons behind the clogging of kitchen basins as these fatty substances have sticky properties and when washed down the sink they get attached to the interiors of pipes and gradually clogged the drains and restricts liquid to pass.

To prevent this problem, it is important to put kitchen grease and fat in a small container and throw it in the garbage and avoid washing the greasy and fatty ingredients down the drain as much as possible.

  • Hair:

Although hairs seem delicate the build-up of hair can cause many major blockages. It prevents water to pass through it all together and thus hair can cause several issues down the line. Hair falling off while taking a shower and brushing your hair in the bathroom is one of the major reasons behind clogging of drains in the bathroom.

To check blocking of drains due to the build-up of hair, you can purchase devices which grab hair before it flows down the basin. Along with this, regular maintenance and plumbing checks also prevent accumulation of hair in your plughole.

  • Foreign Objects:

From sanitary items, food build-up and children’s toys to soap, there are a wide array of objects that can easily drop down the drain and cause blocking drains eventually. A build of soaps and sanitary items can cause serious clogging of drains.

This problem can be put off by paying close attention while flushing things down the toilet. Also, keep watch on your toddlers who can flush their toys or stationary down the toilet.

  • Toiletries:

Baby products, toilet papers and sanitary items are among the objects commonly causing blockage of drains. Although toilet papers could be flushed down the drains but doing so in excessive amounts leads to clogging of drains. The piece of paper if collected in large amount down the drain then it will stick together and will cause obstruction during draining water.

Prevent flushing too much of toilet papers and baby items such as nappies and wipes as these materials do not disperse in water and can snag on obstacles inside the drain pipes causing clogging of drains.

Along with this, timely maintenance and proper repair is also vital to prevent your drains from clogging. Hiring leading companies such as Your Choice Plumbers can aid in preventing problems of blocked drains to a great extent. Our team specializes in cleaning blocked bathroom drains, sewer drains, storm water drains and also in drain excavations and renewals. We use futuristic devices such as high-pressure water jetters, drain camera and underground pipe location for providing swift and efficient services. We are ready to serve you 24*7 and can repair your blocked drains even at wee hours of the day.