Installing or repairing a hot water system isn’t that simple. Minor errors or mistakes can lead to severe consequences. If you think you can do the task yourself and save on a few dollars here and there, then think again. Even if you don’t take up the job yourself, you shouldn’t just hire anybody to do this job for you. Taking the time to look for a well-reputed plumbing company that employs licensed plumbers will not only ensure flawless work but will also save you a lot of money.

Why Hire a Licensed Plumber?

Hiring a licensed plumber is a no-brainer in situations like these. However, if you want to know why hiring a professional plumber is in your best interests, then consider the following reasons:

Product Knowledge

In-person or online salespeople are typically not licensed professionals. They may sound like experts and may even have good intentions, but they lack the product knowledge possessed by professional plumbers.

Consulting a licensed plumber to install your hot water system is a smart decision for two reasons. Firstly, a professional will help you find a system that best suits your needs, and secondly, they’ll also install it properly. By assessing your current and future hot water needs and examining the condition of your pipes and other fixtures, licensed plumbers will also be able to provide you with an estimate of the associated costs.

Harm to Life and Property

Installing a hot water system is a sensitive plumbing task. A poorly installed water heater can blow up, threatening the lives of the people in the home, as well as the home itself. By hiring unlicensed plumbers, you run the risk of the plumber installing the pipe work incorrectly, which can lead to toxic gases leaking into your home.


Due to a lack of expertise and knowledge, unlicensed plumbers fall short when it comes to providing proper ventilation, for instance, in the case of gas burning water heaters. Insufficient ventilation leads to a build-up of carbon monoxide, an odourless gas that can’t be detected without a carbon monoxide detector. Minor errors on the plumber’s part can cause this issue, which can then go on to have serious consequences, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. A person exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide can lose their life or face permanent damage to the brain.


Similarly, plumbing and electrical work often go hand in hand, and many plumbers also take care of the electrical system when they’re installing a hot water system in your home. If the associated electrical work is poorly done, there is always the threat of electrocution. Sparks can short circuits can also result in a house fire.


A licensed plumber, on the other hand, will ensure that your new hot water system is properly installed and provided with the necessary ventilation. A professional plumber will be well aware of the approved drainage, clearance, and safety parameters and will make sure that the finished job conforms to all these regulations. They will also ensure that all the safety features are in place.


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Mould Growth

Hiring an unlicensed plumber may result in poor plumbing, which, in turn, makes your plumbing fixtures susceptible to water leaks. Water leaks, if not addressed early on, can pave the way for mould growth. Mould is not only costly to remove but is also dangerous to your health. Removing mould and treating areas affected by mould becomes more and more expensive as time passes and the mould is allowed to spread. In the end, it may require you and your family to move out from your home while the cleanup is taking place.


Thus, to avoid damage to your health and property and unnecessary costs, you should always hire a licensed plumber for your hot water system installation and repairs.