Plumbing issues such as water hammer are quite troublesome as it prevents you in performing several household tasks smoothly. It occurs when the consistent flow rate of water in the pipeline changes.  In other words, water hammer is also known as surge flow. The reason behind the problem causing water hammer is extreme pressure in the pipes, high force over the pipeline supports and sudden reversal of tap. Water hammer can lead to damaged plumbing supports, burst pipes, leakage at plumbing fixtures, valve failures and flange failures.

The problem of water hammer can happen in any type of pipe in any condition. The main reason behind this phenomenon is increased pressure or force when the water is retarded or accelerated by changing in valve position and pump condition. Usually, the changes in flow rate and water pressure are small, but practically these changes are not visible. Sometimes the problems associated with it can be detected by banging noises, pulsing flows and pipe movements. Major water hammering can cause serious damage to your plumbing system and even lead to damage your property.

Water hammer basically occurs due to the sudden passing down of wave which results to sudden changes in flow rate. This happens because of high pressure and the wave can travel through internal pumps and damage the drive and impellor. The accumulation of chemicals and hard water at the high ends of pipes can also cause the problem of water hammer when the flow of water is restarted.

The pressure wave produces a vibrating sound that weakens the plumbing fixtures and leads to pipe supports and joints under stress. This produces annoying sounds and disruptive plumbing systems especially during night time when you fall asleep. It can also be caused due to incorrect installation of plumbing fixtures such as taps, pipes and dishwashers.

Here are few preventing solutions for water hammer problem:

  • Reduce Pumping Velocity: In order to prevent the problem of water hammer, the piping system with lower flow rate and larger pipe diameter should be utilized.
  • Quality Pipe Installation: It is highly imperative to install quality pipes at the plumbing systems that prevent damage to internal plumbing fixtures and components.
  • Slow Down The Pressure Valves: Slowing down of pressure valves can allow the smooth and consistent flow of water and can prevent the major issues due to water hammer.
  • Arrester Installation: One of the best ways to avoid the issues such as banging pipes and water hammer are loop or arrester installation at the plumbing system. This can acts as a cushion for rapid flow of water and stop banging pipes crashing at the pluming fixture, offset and fittings.
  • Regular Servicing: Proper maintenance and regular servicing of plumbing systems and related components including, taps, arrester and related internal components can be very helpful to prevent the problem of water hammer.

If the problem of water hammering is still not treated, then hiring a team of professional plumber is very beneficial. Plumbers are those professionals who boast proper training and knowledge to make the things done in a proper and efficient manner.

They can easily detect the faulty valves and pressure-limiting valves connected to your plumbing system installed at your home. After detecting, they repair and replace any faulty component creating any problem. Installation of water hammer suppression device is also beneficial in order to minimize any risk of future damage.  A team of professional plumbers carry all sorts of advanced devices and tools that are required to fix the water hammer problem.

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