You cannot sugar coat the fact that clogged water drain is the nastiest plumbing problem. It is not only an inconvenience to your home, but it also affects your family by encouraging foul odour inducing issues in your home. Blocked drains can downright repulsive bacteria which contribute in bad health of the people around you. Every home owner goes through this problem frequently, and if this problem increases, it can also drag health issues alongside.

A build-up of hair or a random thing dropped in the drain can give you a disgusting experience of clogged or blocked drains. And most of the times the drain cleaner cannot cut these unwanted and foreign objects, which is why you need to hire a plumber. This problem cannot be fixed with a DIY trick, which is why a clogged drain is always a big and unwanted expense for every home owner.  Here are some places which are affected by blocked or clogged drains:

  • Bathroom clogged drains:

The most common blockage is caused in the bathroom sink, and it cannot be fixed by one of your friends. Some of the causes of bathroom drain clogs are skin flakes, dirt, and the ugliest cause is when hair binds to some soap scum inside the drain pipes.

  • Clogged toilet drains:

Clogged toilet is a messy and a nasty business. And some of the main causes of this problem are cotton tipped swabs, pre-moistened wipes, diapers, dental floss, feminine beauty and hygiene products and more.

  • Kitchen’s sink drains:

Kitchen clogged drains are usually stubborn as there are numerous products ruining the sink every day. The main reasons affecting your kitchen sink are cooking oil and the grease cake formed on the walls of the sink pipe. Some detergent soap scum can also completely block the drain and there is no reason why. Sometimes, some food particles such as rice which eventually expands in water can also block the kitchen sink.

  • The venting system:

Any kitchen, toilet or bathroom sink can get affected by this important factor, as venting is the most crucial part of the suction process. Usually, the drain works with some bread crump or soapy hair, but when it comes to less ventilation, it becomes impossible for the water to drain, and finally it blocks the base of the pipes which is the only way to pass unwanted material. Venting also allows the foul and sewer gases to escape out of your home, and if this doesn’t happen, you might suffer from some serious illness.

Meanwhile, these problems are unexpected and dangerous, which is why, before applying any traditional fixing technique, you should hire a professional plumber. A professional plumber can safely repair your home’s blocked drains by using specialized and technically updated tools and technologies. If you face issues with blocked drains in Melbourne, then you can contact Your Choice Plumbers.

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