Almost every modern home has a hot water system that offers a warm soothing water stream in cold winter months. However, sometimes the system doesn’t work appropriately or stop working altogether. This is when a homeowner thinks of it and wonders what could be wrong. It is very common to take certain things for granted and their value is realized only when there is stone-cold water that is hard to touch. So, if your hot water system is not working, it can be a result of a number of common things. You will be able to call in the professional to address the issue when you know what exactly is wrong with it. Now, let us talk about common things that result in problems related to the hot water system.Issue With Water Temperature

One of the most common complaints that are received by plumbing companies regarding hot water systems is the issue with water temperature. Either the water doesn’t heat up enough or it gets too hot. The reason could be a faulty thermostat and it needs to be replaced in order to solve the issue. However, there could be other reasons behind this problem such as a leak in the water tank, damaged gas control or burner assembly, mineral deposit reducing heater’s efficiency and issue with the temperature-pressure relief valve. So, before you start replacing the thermostat yourself, make sure that you call the professionals for a thorough check.

Water With Impurities & Pungent Smell

Another common issue that people report is smelly or discoloured water. To understand what is exactly wrong with the water heating system, you need to ask yourself some questions first. Is this been happening for a while now? Water coming from all faucets of the home gives the same water? Have you been using that water? Does this problem go away when you run the water for a little while? Is this happening to both hot and cold water faucets? High mineral content is usually the reason behind water discolouration as it causes the pipes to rust.

Noises Made By Hot Water System

When one notices noises in the hot water system, they don’t get alarmed and let the noise drown down itself. However, the noise can be annoying and there could be several factors that would be contributing to this issue. Excessive mineral build-up can not only discolour the water but can also cause the noises that we hear. If you are hearing boiling sounds, it is not of the water but the unit overheating. This can be dangerous and demand the earliest professional intervention.

Leaking Water Heater

If there’s a drop in the temperature of your water heating system then it could be because of a leak in the water heater. The origin and cause of the leak need to be determined before it is repaired. Age, bad plumbing installation, poor maintenance, the pressure of the tank, etc. will play a significant role when repairing.