Many times when you flush the toilet, take a shower or run water in the sink you experience a very annoying and dirty smell emanating due to blocked drains. Drain blocking can take place anytime and is one of the most common issues that every household must have faced one or the other day. In such case, water doesn’t go away, but backs up. In fact, it begins to build in the bowl, basin or tub and finally overflows.

If the drain blockage is occurring very often that too at more than one location, the problem is quite serious and could be in the drains connecting the fixture and mainline, or the branch of the drain line. Despite of trying hard to fix the problem with some unprofessional techniques, it is highly recommended to see a professional plumber who can detect the root cause of clogging and rectify the problem with future assurance.

Clogged drain problems can occur in your toilet, kitchen or bathroom sink, or tree root interference in your sewer etc. Hindrance in water drainage system can ultimately result into the unnecessary flow and may even flood the whole house in extreme condition. Now, let us talk about the intolerable picture that is when your toilet blocks. You must be imagining it right now, how annoying this issue is in reality. Of course, blocked drains Melbourne issues are not intentional but occur due to carelessness. It seriously becomes painful and stinky when toilet bowl fills up till the brim with flush water and the thick matter eventually overflows. The reason behind the clogged drains can be many like:

  • Accommodation of skin flakes, hair binds, dirt, soap scum on the walls of pipes
  • Flushing off feminine and baby hygiene products
  • Moistened diaper wipes
  • In the kitchen sink, clogging may occur when cooking grease sticks onto the drain pipe walls
  • Moreover, the vacuum can also be the reason behind the clogged drains

When such things come under your observation, the first step you can take to unclog the drains can be the pouring of boiling hot water or using some kind of strong cleansing agent, but if the case is severe then all these methods will eventually result into more mess and clog the pipe. That is why it is said that servicing your own plumbing can result in a big mistake!

It is commonly said that the prevention is better than the cure but in case of plumbing troubles, the cure is a mandatory process that can prevent you from all the upcoming domestic issues related to plumbing. If by mistake, your kids have dropped something onto the sink or toilet, for sure it is going to choke the drainage pipe. Now, in spite of scolding your child, take the foremost safest step of calling a skilled plumber who can settle the plumbing problem in a hassle-free manner.

Blocked drains are more often classed as an emergency because a gurgling noise coming out of your toilet or sink is a sign of your pocket drain but fortunately, our expert team can fix the problem irrespective of the occurrence time. Our skilled team members at Your Choice Plumbers can take care of the plumbing issues including blocked drains on the same day. We use the latest equipment including high-pressure water jetters, drain camera, and underground pipe locators etc to solve the problem in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. You can call us 24/7 for the quality plumbing solution on 1300 852 779 or can even visit our official website.