Toilets are not flushing properly? Are you wondering what exactly the issue is? Read the below listed seven common reasons for the toilet not flushing in a proper manner. It will help you narrow down the issue and seek the best help possible to handle the situation.

  1. Low-Flow Toilet

Low-Flow toilets are high in demand because they are well known to reduce the amount of water being used to flush the waste. It helps in keeping water bills and usage low. But such toilets often cause problems when there is low water pressure. First-generation low flush toilets created from 1994 to 1997 have too little power to push waste into the drains.

  1. Blocked Drain Line

As the drain line of the toilet starts getting old, it frequently starts blocking up even with just regular waste and toilet paper. When you start flushing hair, paper and other foreign objects, the clogs get even a harder time passing it all to the main drainage area. Make it a point to call professionals and get the pipes cleaned. If the problem persists, get the drain and sewer pipes replaced or repaired.

  1. Less Water In Water Tank

Waste makes its way out of the toilet only when the water pressure pushes it further. If the water tank is not full when you flush, there won’t is enough water pressure needed to clear the bowl. Check for leaks in the water supply and also make sure that the supply valve is in the open position.

  1. Hard Water Build-Up

Many areas deal with hard water problems. Although it is not dangerous to drink or bathe with, it can calcify and form a white substance that blocks the toilet by narrowing the gap that water and waste can pass through. It is difficult to remove and the harder your water, there will be more mineral build-up in the plumbing system which can only be removed by professional plumbers.

  1. Flushing Foreign Objects

Toilets are a fascinating thing for toddlers and small children because they love the way water mysteriously transports objects to some other realm. As a result, they throw their toys and other items into the toilet and flush them, causing them to clog. Many grown-ups also do the same thing.

  1. External Factors

Clogs are something that will happen sometimes. But if you are not maintaining the drain pipes and plumbing system, this can also clog the toilets inside. If the drains outside are blocked, it will result in slow or non-moving toilet drains in your home. The best way to avoid this issue is by scheduling a cleanup every few months from professional plumbers.

  1. Aging Pipework

If you are living in an old home, the pipework must also be aging. When they start collapsing, they cause clogging issues. If you notice sediment backwash, take it as the first sign or warning. If the flush is getting slower, this can be a cue to bigger problems.